Sacred Woman


Activation and restoration
of your true feminine nature,
inner strength and integrity.

~ I’m here to remind you of the immense power you possess. Yes, you, not someone else. Having incarnated in a female body, your soul already knows this is its chosen mission, the mission to be a woman who reveals her inner strength, limitless possibilities, and potential.

Message from Divine Mother,
channeled by Maria Hoffmann

Deepen the connection with your inner woman to improve relationships with the outside world, and receive crystals of the new consciousness.

Heal your sacral center and dissolve toxic programs and blocks – awaken and return to your true divine feminine nature.

Open and expand the flow of sexual and creative energy. Strengthen your feminine resources to increase your sensuality, magnetism, and connection with your body.

Access new levels of self-realization, receive the codes of abundance, and gain new knowledge to fully integrate the power of your female incarnation.

“In the old reality, a woman’s life is often based on fear: to be left without children, to lose a husband, to be left alone, to lose material comfort, to miss an opportunity… A life based on social conditioning: “shoulds,” “what people will say,”  or “what makes you better than others”…

The modern woman is free to make choices and does it from a centered inner state.

Her wisdom and stability are not built on anything from the outside but come from the awareness of her inner strength and freedom. This applies to relationships and parenting as well. It is based on acting out of love, living in the flow, where everything necessary and desired is attracted and born from within.

Maria Hoffmann

What Will You Get?


Series of healing energetic activations and initiations channeled from higher beings.

Sound Quality

High-quality audio files for complete immersion in the healing journeys and initiations.


Six months of access to all course material to repeat the course and go deeper in your healing process.

Inner Growth

Access to new levels of personal initiation and self-transformation.

Course Program

Initiation #1

Purification of the channel of sacred femininity

Energetic and emotional liberation from old attachments, past relationships, and programs.

Initiation led by the Divine Mother and Master Sananda, the Arcturians, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and ascended master Kuthumi.

Initiation #2

Activation of the sacral center

Alignment of your energy fields. Personalized and targeted healing. Reconstruction of your center of woman’s power.

Initiation led by Divine Mother and the Teachers of Light, goddess Isis, and the Arcturians.

~ Initiation #3

Activation of the Earth Goddess

Expansion of your sensuality, sexuality, and personal magnetism. Resourcing, feeding, and filling your feminine energy.

Initiation in the temple of Venus guided by Divine Mother and the Great Goddesses with the leading Consciousness of goddess Aphrodite.

~ Initiation #4

Integration of the Crystals of New Consciousness

Healing of your heart center. Synchronization with the new crystalline energy structure of the Earth.

Activation led by Divine Mother and the Teachers of Light, Goddesses Kwan-Yin, Gaia, Archangels Raphael and Gabriel, and the angelic realms.

~ Initiation #5

Integration of the Key of Abundance

Healing and alignment of your energy fields. Rebirth and synchronization with your Higher Mission in the earthly plane. Expansion of inner strength and the necessary resources.

Activation led by Divine Mother and the Teachers of Light through the leading Consciousnesses of the Great Goddesses.

This Course is For You If:

► You don’t feel or can’t connect with your deep feminine nature and power

► You are looking for ways to go deeper into your self-exploration and inner growth

► You want to step on the path of your higher purpose

► You feel the shadow of birth programs in the male and female aspects

► You want to get rid of toxic attachments

► You don’t receive the desired financial reward for your work

► You earn enough money but you don’t enjoy your work

► You went through therapeutic courses, worked with psychologists, healers, but something is missing in your life, you feel a lack of a sense of support

► You feel like you are not living your life

► You experience emotional imbalance, lack of vital or sexual energy

► You want to build harmonious partnerships

► You have a lack of confidence in your talents and abilities

► You are involved in therapeutic activities or your profession is related to personal growth (trainer, coach, healer, teacher, etc.), you feel the need to enter a new stage of your spiritual evolution to increase your potential

► You want to activate your spiritual gifts

* If you can see yourself in one or more points, the course “Awakening of the Sacred Woman” will be a significant stage of transformation for you, the necessary key in the transition to a new level of expansion of your life.

What they say about the course:

“It was this course that activated the process of becoming my own master. I chose Myself. I chose my Path and now witness how many opportunities, knowledge, and like-minded people come to me that I didn’t have access to before. Social norms inside my mind are dissolving and the “as it should be.” A strong feeling of inner support was integrated during this course.”


“After the course, my menstruation cycle was completely restored (before that, it was 40-50 days, and six years ago, it didn’t even exist without hormonal pills. The fact is that I didn’t perceive my mother as a woman and, accordingly, didn’t see the woman in me neither.”


“I noticed much more vitality in myself. I can’t say for sure that external circumstances have become easier and more comfortable, but I have become lighter and brighter; I noticed that I even laugh much more often and begin to open up to people, and they come to me more easily. This course has been a turning point for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


What you invest in yourself:


This program of initiations is currently closed.
You may apply for the next round.

How the course works:


The course practices are powerful high-frequency activations. Each session lasts around 90 minutes and consists of voice and sound channeling of Divine Mother’s energy, the Great Goddesses, Enlightened Teachers, and Beings of Light, who are the leading Consciousnesses of the course. Each activation is accompanied by alchemical crystal singing bowls.

We recommend starting each new activation at least a week after the start of the previous one. You may repeat one session during the current week and then move on to the next. After completing all activations, you can return to individual sessions or the entire course whenever you wish. Remember to take the time to integrate and ground these new energies and structures as you receive new light codes through these high-frequency initiations.

You may repeat each session as homework, based on your time frame and the instructions received during the course. The more you repeat them, the deeper you will go. It will take you at least five weeks to complete the entire program.

You get six months of access to all course materials. Your personal transformation will unfold, and the resulting structures will be unpacked, assimilated, and stabilized. The 6-month access enables you to retake the course as you see fit. These initiations are portals to the Higher Realms, where you will open new levels as you integrate new codes and become ready.

To complete the course, you need the Internet, a phone/tablet or computer, and headphones for a better sound experience. You will need to allocate time in your schedule for these powerful activations, and organize a quiet and comfortable space where no one will disturb you during the session. Otherwise, you can continue your normal activities without any restrictions.

This program of initiations is currently closed.
You may apply for the next round.

The events of recent years clearly show humanity its fears, limitations, and dependency and show us the need to ground ourselves and return to nature.
To our feminine nature.

But how can we return to what we have forgotten? Especially when we live in a world of ego, achievement, and hard work? 

The feminine energy is the energy of healing and transformation. The world needs both now. Each of us needs it.

These are times of rebirth, awakening, and blessings for those who are ready.

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